It’s Time To Tame Your Admin

You open your inbox and it’s a mess.  😳 There are emails from clients you need to respond to, and things are slipping through the cracks.   The rest of your admin just isn’t being taken care of either – and you know it’s not good for your sanity, or for your business. You’ve got post-it notes here. Reminders there. And you’re still dropping balls left, right and center.  You’re S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D, overwhelmed and frustrated.  I get it! The good news is: It doesn’t have to be this way.   The secret to less frown lines, more time, and a stress-free inbox lies in using systems to tame the avalanche of admin you’re ploughing through on a daily basis – and in hiring support where and when you need it.   Which is exactly where Tame Your Admin comes in. Tame Your Admin will help you implement the systems you need to ensure your admin/emails are handled in a timely, efficient manner – and can be handed off to an assistant (with ease) once you’re ready.  The end goal is to extract you from the day-to-day admin of your business, for good.

Step Away from Your Inbox For Good

Over my years working alongside leading entrepreneurs, I’ve seen first-hand how admin is a double-edged sword.  YES, it’s essential to your business but no, it’s not something that’s best done by YOU as the business owner.   When I work with my clients, getting them OUT of their inbox is the first thing we do to help them feel less frazzled, and regain their freedom. As a business owner, you’ve got limited time in your day, and far better things to do than sending or answering the countless emails that clog up your inbox. Implementing systems, hiring admin support, and stepping away from your inbox will all have an incredible impact on your days – and this DIY program will teach you exactly how to do that. (Even if you’re a bit nervous because you want things handled flawlessly – your business is your baby, and I get that!)

Here’s what you’ll learn in Tame Your Admin:

  • Assessing where you’re at with your admin and what your hiring needs are.
  • Creating documentation & templates for routine emails (including customer service, client scheduling, and more) – taking the guesswork out of it for your assistant, and the micromanaging out of it for you.
  • How to train, delegate, and supervise your assistant to ensure your client experience is handled with the care it deserves (ultimately, making retaining your clients and getting referrals a snap!).
When you’re done with this course, you’ll be ready to hand off your inbox to your assistant, for good – or if you need one, find the right person to work with you moving ahead.    

As a result:

  • You’ll save HOURS as you won’t be dealing with an influx of emails – or need to be in your inbox at all! 
  • You’ll know that your client experience is top-notch, with everything is handled in a timely and efficient manner. 
  • You can step away from your business for the weekend – or weeks at at time – knowing that your customers are well-cared for.
  • Reaching that next level of success becomes a reality – because you have room to focus on revenue-generating activities, and renewed enthusiasm for your work.

During Our Time Together We’ll Cover:

Module 01: Your Admin Assessment

Lesson 01: Define Your Admin Lesson 02: Assess Your Time Lesson 03: Your Ideal Schedule

Module 02: Where to Get Help FIRST

Lesson 01: Admin Assistance Lesson 02: Technical Assistance Lesson 03: Specialists

Module 03: Get Your House In Order

Lesson 01: Inbox Management and Best Practices Lesson 02: Process, Procedures and Documentation Lesson 03: Delegation and Automation

Module 04: Find Your Support Superstars

Lesson 01: Position Descriptions Lesson 02: Finding Quality Applicants Lesson 03: The Interview Process

Module 05: Working with Your Team

Lesson 01: On-boarding New Team Members Lesson 02: Managing Your People Lesson 03: Expectations and Feedback


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How Tame Your Admin Works

I understand that giving up control of your inbox can be terrifying! Most of us want things done a certain way – and so we’re not convinced that someone else can do it as well as we can.   Don’t worry.  If that’s how you feel, you’re NORMAL. 😉  Tame Your Admin will help you hand off your inbox with confidence, and know that whoever is handling it is actually doing a better job than what you’re able to do on your own. I also know you’re busy, and your time is precious – so I’ve made this course streamlined and effective. No fluff or make work-projects.   Delivered instantly upon purchase, through a combination of video training and worksheets – Tame Your Admin will give you the exact same systems I’ve used to help leading business owners step out from under admin overwhelm, FAST.

My promise to you:

Everything I share with you in this training has enabled my clients to exit their inbox permanently – and grow their online businesses from startup to seven figures, and beyond. (Yes, your results may vary from theirs, but one thing I know for sure is this:  When you’re not stuck in your inbox handling admin for hours on end – there is so much room for growth to happen!)

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