You’re a leader in your industry, and you’ve got BIG goals for your business.

You’re ready to make things happen, so you can make more money, and impact more people.

But there’s a disconnect between your master plan and your day-to-day reality.

What you’re doing right now isn’t getting you where you want to go. You’re so dang tired of being the C.E.O. the Chief Everything Officer who’s in charge of ALL THE THINGS.

Here’s the good news. There is another way, and you don’t have to keep doing all the things anymore. It’s time to step up and get the help you need to make your master plan your reality.

How? It starts with getting crystal clear on how you’re spending your time and energy – and then creating a plan for unstoppable success.

Introducing the Momentum Mastermind

For the last 10+ years, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes helping business owners just like you to build high-performing teams and streamlined systems so they can grow and scale their business.

Translation: I help them make their big plans and wildest dreams a reality.

As a consultant, I work with you to help you become the true leader of your business. I’m talking about being  a real CEO, who’s in charge of vision and strategy and not the nitty gritty details.

I help you get out of your own way and collaborate with you on a whip smart plan for your business (from hiring to systems to scaling) that will lead to the results you want.

I’ve created my signature process, the Momentum Mastermind, based on my 10+ years of experience that addresses the three major hurdles entrepreneurs face as leaders: Building a Foundation, creating Focus, and finding their Flow.

The goal of the Momentum Mastermind is to define exactly what you want and then get fierce about making it a reality. Because at this stage in your business, what stands between you and what you really want is…YOU.

This process uncovers what’s holding you back in your business, and sets you up to get big results.

This is the exact process I’ve used with my clients to help take their businesses to multiple 6 and even 7 figures in revenue. Not only are these leaders making the money they want from their businesses… they’ve created businesses that work for them.

How the Momentum Mastermind Works

The Momentum Method is for high performers who are ready to turn their big plans into reality.

If you’re ready to get out of your way and get serious about your goals, how you spend your time, and even delegating to your team, my consulting services has your name on it!

Currently, there are two ways to work with me:

Six Months of 1-on-1 Consulting

Over the course of six seriously game-changing months, we’ll work together 1-on-1 to address the three core areas of your business: your Foundation, Focus, and Flow.

Step 1: 90 Minute Kickstart Session & Audit
We’ll kick things off with a full Business Audit, so we have a complete understanding of where you are today. Then we’ll have a 90 minute Kickstart Session to dive into your big plans, including your personal/professional goals, your vision and mission, and your priorities for our time together.

Step 2: 12 Momentum Sessions
After your Kickstart Session, we’ll meet every two weeks and have a total of 12 Momentum Sessions. In each 30-minute call, we’ll review your progress and tackle specific, timely items related to your plan.

Plus, you’ll get the following:

  • Three 60-Minute Deep Dive sessions
    • Foundation: Laying your foundation as a CEO, including the mindset shift required to step into this role.
    • Focus: How to focus your efforts on what you’re passionate about, and build a high-performing team that you happily delegate to.
    • Flow: Creating productivity practices so you’re consistently productive and are able to make the most of the time you invest in the business.
  • Priority access to me via email between our calls
  • Access to three bonus courses:
    • Taming Your Admin
    • Creating Your Ops Manual
    • Hiring Your Team
    • (all of which you can share with your team) – a $997 value

Investment: $10,000 (a monthly payment plan is available)

I have a handful of spots now open for 1-on-1 coaching. If you’re ready, the time to dive in is now.


If you’re looking to up-level in your business, and want to get into action quickly, a VIP Day is exactly what you need.

We’ll spend 6 hours together charting the next phase of your business by working through the Momentum Method – building your foundation as a CEO, creating fierce focus, and finding your flow with proven productivity practices.

VIP Days can be done either online, or in-person in Phoenix, Arizona.

When we’re done with our day together, you’ll have exactly what you need to step into the role of CEO in your business and take focused action to turn your new plan into reality. (You can say goodbye to overwhelm – and doing ALL the things – for good!)

You’ll also get:

  • Two 30-minute follow-up sessions within 30 days of your VIP Day – to help you execute what we discussed, pick my brain, and get things rockin’ and rollin’
  • Access to three bonus courses – so you can apply my proven systems to your business: Taming Your Admin, Hiring Your Team, and Creating Your Ops Manual (all of which you can share with your team) – a $997 value

Investment: $5000 (payment plans are available)

I’m now booking VIP Days for summer 2020.

Let’s Talk Results

This isn’t your first trip around the entrepreneurial block, so you want to make sure this is going to be a smart investment. I get it.

The first thing you should know is that I’m a consultant. That means I get my hands dirty and dig into the challenges you’re facing to help you come up with the best possible path forward.

And my results over the last seven years speak for themselves:

  • I’ve helped five businesses pass the 7-figure mark and 17 more go from under $100,000 a year in revenue to high 6 figures per year. ( How? By mapping out the plan for their foundation and making their big goals a priority.)
  • My clients step into their CEO role to build a sustainable business that works for them, and that keeps them working in their zone of genius.
  • I’ve created countless high-performing, productive teams aligned with the business owner’s mission, along with streamlined systems and processes for all aspects of operations.

Meet My Clients

Racheal Cook 
When I started working with Racheal, she was offering 1:1 programs, and in our years of working together, she’s transitioned to offering live and evergreen programs and has hit some major milestones in her business — including retiring her husband. A big part of Racheal’s success has been building a steady, loyal team that allows her to work only 25 hours per week and still accomplish her goals.

It’s Time to Step Up and Go for It!

No more doing all the things.
No more settling for anything less than what you really want.

Get started now with the Momentum Mastermind:

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