We’re putting a close to {an interesting} last year and I always like to take a minute and reflect back on the year we’re saying adios to. Here’s a look back at and a few of my favorite things…

My Favorite Reads

I’m totally a nerd at heart so when I get a minute to squeeze a few pages in, I take total advantage of it. Here are a few of my favorite books that you could mind on my nightstand this past year… Business Books Personal Development Books

Tools For The Business

There are plenty of tools we rely on daily (see our resources page here!) but these guys were super extra shiny for us last year! Slack Sure, it might take you a little holding back from murdering your productivity during the first day with Slack, but once you establish some ground rules, Slack is the ultimate team member chat tool. My favorite hack? Oh you know, the oh so productive task of creating emojis… All joking aside, Slack is great for:
  • Managing teams. Are you a fellow OBM? I use Slack for nearly all of my clients + team members  and it makes it so fresh (and so clean, clean) to have one central place for messages.
  • Checking in on team members. A little poke on Monday morning to make sure everyone has what they need.
  • Centralized information. Maybe you’ve got a webinar coming up and all your team members should show up. Have a Slack channel just for announcements so your people can find it all in one easy-peasy place.
*Bonus! Get $100 credit when you sign-up for a paid plan. Teamwork Teamwork makes the dream work. Seriously.  I’m SO thankful that not only have I been able to help more amazing entrepreneurs this year but I’ve also been able to expand The AK Collective team. Keeping everyone on the same page with tasks, due dates, process and procedure can feel like a HUGE undertaking. We keep it easy with TeamworkPM. Everything we do is in here:
  • One-time tasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Procedures/SOP’s
  • Project details
  • Launch plans
My favorite part of it? The ability to track all of our time for easy reconciling at the end of the month. Try it out for free here. Help Scout Help Scout is probably the best help desk app’s I’ve worked with and we use it with nearly all of our clients. Best parts of Help Scout:
  • Easy to use interface + support tutorials
  • Internal notes system
  • Workflow builder. This makes it easy-peasy to automate actions, have emails assigned to the correct people and filter into the appropriate mailbox.
  • Help Scout’s own customer service is top-notch.
Hint: Help Scout’s blog is the bomb.com. It has actionable tips from topics ranging from company culture, business growth and of course, customer service. ConvertKit We are big time fans of ConvertKit and our clients are too! We love the tagging, sequences and automation that let us and our customers take email marketing to the next level without the monthly price tag of an all-in-one system. Overheard from an admitted non-techy client,
Opening up anything to do with emails, tagging and sequences used to freak me out. Then came ConvertKit. I finally feel comfortable managing it myself!
Get your first month free with our link.


I’m a total introvert if you haven’t noticed,  but that doesn’t mean I get to use that excuse to shy away from networking and connecting with others. Connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs can open your doors to new, unexpected opportunities. Entrepreneur Experience I had a blast earlier this month in San Diego at Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience. I hopped in my trusty CR-V and drove the next 5 hours geeking out on Amy’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast (one of my faves!). [Amber add in a sentence or two about what was fun about it // anything you learned or anyone you specifically connected with]

The fabulous Racheal Cook and I enjoying ourselves.

Together Live My teenage daughter and I went to Together Live in Phoenix. It was totally her idea and I’m SO glad she told me about it. Together Live is a national touring event — headlined by Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach, Luvvie Ajayi, and emceed by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh that brings an array of thought leaders, local artists, athletes and celebrity guests to cities across the country. We heard from some of the most badass ladies around on authentic storytelling, finding your purpose, overcoming fear, choosing love, effectuating change and taking social action. Didn’t get a chance to go to a Together Live event near you? Check out the Do it on Purpose Podcast right here for some of their favorite talks, interviews and conversations from the Together Live Tour.


The Fearless Launching Show Online entrepreneur, creator of Fearless Launching and launch queen Anne Samoilov shows you everything you need to know to get that idea out of your head and in front of the right people. Her easy to listen to voice, practical tips and top-notch guests make this weekly show a must-listen! Favorite episode: Why A Good Launch Means More Than Just Hitting Your Sale Goals. Uncomplicate Your Business Podcast This is another podcast favorite of mine from my dear friend and client, Racheal Cook. Each week, join Racheal for real talk and real stategy to help you achieve your big business dreams. Favorite episode: Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running YouDo you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants? Playing catch-up on everything? Tune in to this episode and more on the Uncomplicated Your Business Podcast. Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast Amy Porterfield’s podcast has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. It’s my go-to podcast to binge listen to on long car rides and where I get the DL on all things to do with online marketing strategy. Favorite episode: What I Learned from a Year of Automating My Business My Dad Wrote A Porno Mildly inappropriate but perfect for the days when you just need a laugh, I highly recommend tuning into Jamie Morton’s, My Dad Wrote a Porno. It’s about exactly how it sounds and it’s the UK’s most successful podcast in history when Jamie’s retired father decided to write erotica in the garden shed. Favorite episode: Bahahaha, my secret. SaveSave

My Dream Team

My team rocks. We’re spread out across the US (and occasionally across the world – hey, we love to travel!). You can find out more about them and their specialities here but here are some of their favorite things from 2017… Erin: My husband and I just bought our first home this year in sunny Arizona – win! <3 Lane: I was able to travel from Japan to Scotland with my kids to be with my sister when her baby was born! Joyce: My highlight? On phase 3 (aka third and FINAL) addition to my kitty theme park. #catlady Katie: My family and I did a bit of traveling this year! I headed to Milwaukee to meet my brand new nephew, went to San Francisco with my hubby and rounded out the year with a family trip to Disneyland!

Things That Make My Day

The chickens on the way to take kiddo #2 to school Makes.my.day. Apple Radio Subscription Let’s just say that I’m known as the one in my family for picking an album and listening to it for days and weeks on end. Yep, that’s totally me. Albums put on repeat in 2017: Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt. Maven Made Oils I love Maven Made and feel so good purchasing their products. Simple, all-natural, non-toxic products for your home, wellness and beauty. My favorite products: Facial Serum and Sleep Serum – go on, you know you want it!

Now tell me, how was your year? Share a few of your favorite things…

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